Friday, April 15, 2011

All my memories of All My Children

I read today on another blog to which I am a contributor (Girlfriends Book Club -- check it out at - that All My Children is ending. Maria Geraci (author of The Boyfriend of the Month Club) posted a poignant eulogy, which caused a whole lot of memories to burble out of me.

When my sister and I were little, my mom watched her "shows" while she did her house work. We would pepper her with questions - who's that mommy? why's she crying, mommy? who's the bad guy on this show mommy?

One day she sat us down in front of that big ol' TV console and said "Here's a brand new show that can be YOUR show and you will know who all the bad guys are."

Once we started school, we watched faithfully during summer vacations. And then came the VCR. We would each record it and watch it after school or work -- or have a weekend binge on a whole week's worth of episodes. We would call each other and dish or sob as was warranted. It was "our" show.

Neither of us have watched for years, but I have felt the warm reminder of our show and our story when I recognize an AMC alum on another TV show.

So yes, I share in Maria's sadness. I can feel colorful threads -- like the boondoggle bracelets we made in summer camp -- unraveling deep inside me.

And yes, too, I'm with so with Maria on the Greg/Jenny story being best!